Soyuz TMA-16M docks and begins historic one year expedition

Friday’s launch was another fast-track six-hour launch-to-docking mission, first carried out for a crewed mission by Soyuz TMA-08M. While their trip uphill was speedy, Kelly and Kornienko are embarking on a long duration expedition – the first-ever yearlong mission to the station.  Kornienko has already logged 176 days 1 hour and 18 minutes in space, flying on Soyuz TMA-18 and serving as ISS-23 flight engineer. He also has a spacewalk to his name.

The Russian will be spending a full year on Station, with the valuable scientific data collected providing insight into how the human body responds to longer durations in space.

He was joined by NASA veteran flyer Scott Kelly, who flew on two shuttle missions and served as Expedition 26 commander during a six-month tour of the Station.

During his one-year stay on the orbital outpost, Kelly will serve as Flight Engineer for increments 43 and 44 and Commander for increments 45 and 46. During his tour, his twin brother – former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly – will also be monitored to measure the differences between one year on Earth and 12 months in space.

The goal will be to gain additional data ahead of NASA’s future goals that await in Beyond Earth Orbit (BEO) space, on long-duration missions to asteroids and eventually Mars.

The third member of Soyuz TMA-16M, Gennady Padalka, should not be overlooked. While the focus has been on his fellow Soyuz passengers, Padalka will also be realizing another milestone at the conclusion of his ISS expedition – as he becomes the most experienced space traveler in history.

He will also become the first four-time commander of the International Space Station.



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